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Own your dream team

There's a new kid on the blockchain. Collect players and dominate your rivals through arcade-style gameplay.
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Rarity League
NFL Rivals is adopting the Rarity League — an officially licensed limited NFT collection that will provide owners access to special events, in-game rewards and other unique features
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Claim a Guild

Receive boosted in-game rewards.
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Player drop early access

Get in early to purchase player NFTs.
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Holder exclusive tournaments

Compete and earn rare in-game rewards.
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Play beta

Access NFL Rivals private beta.

Mint more, earn more

Player Reward NFTs airdropped in late 2022

Collectors will get a Rivals Reward Token when they mint 3 Rarity League NFTs. Minting 5 will gain collectors an additional reward, for a total of 2 Rewards Tokens! This offer is good through November 21, 2022. Reward Tokens are airdropped to qualifying wallets by end of November, 2022.

Every Rivals Reward Token is your voucher for redeeming a Founder's Edition Player Card. Each player card is a guaranteed rare of eight players, playable in NFL Rivals and as always they're yours to own so you can buy, trade, and sell them.

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your team.
your rivalry.
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An arcade-style football experience packed with non-stop action.
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Collect and earn your favorite NFL stars to build your Dream Team.
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Level up your players and improve your team.
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Buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace.
Stylized helmet

Build your team

Collect and upgrade players to improve their stats. Rarer players can be upgraded to higher levels to establish your NFL dynasty.
Stylized helmet

Dominate events

Show your rivals you have what it takes. Climb the leaderboards and earn special rewards through limited-time competitive events.
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Win the Super Bowl

Drive for the perfect season, make the playoffs, take home the trophy.


Website launch
Official launch of the NFL Rivals website.
NFT.NYC event
VIP celebration featuring the NFL, NFLPA, The Chainsmokers and more…
Rarity League NFT drop(s)
NFT collection drops, in collaboration with Rarity League.
Gameplay reveal
Catch a sneak peak into NFL Rivals gameplay.
NFL Rivals beta experience goes live on mobile devices.
Player presale
NFL Rivals NFT presale, highlighting your favorite players!
Worldwide release
NFL Rivals releases to players worldwide early 2023!

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